Please Install Geth Node Version 1.8.23 Manually

You are trying to recover an old Ethereum wallet to which you have all private keys and password information safely stored. However, when you try to  open the Ethereum Wallet app Mist, you get an error “Checksum Mismatch in Downloaded Node! Please Install Geth Node Version 1.8.23 Manually”. This app is no longer supported and you will need to use another app to recover your Ethereum.

Let’s say you forgot about your Ethereum for a few years and and now realize it’s worth some money. You look in your storage drives and find your wallet ID, private keys and passwords for your hard-earned Ethereum. You head on over to and download the latest version. When you launch the app you are greeted with an error message “Checksum Mismatch in Downloaded Node! Please Install Geth Node Version 1.8.23 Manually”. Unfortunately, this app is no longer supported. You also try to manually install Geth at You even copy geth.exe over to C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Ethereum Wallet\binaries\Geth\unpacked. However. the app still won’t budge.

Well, we are glad you are here. All you need to do is head on over to, and download MyCrypto Desktop App. Install it – and Bob’s your uncle. All you need to do is add your Private Key, Keystore File, Mnemonic Phrase to access your wallet.

Once you are able to access your local wallet, you can then transfer your Ethereum to another wallet that you own, if you wish to do so…please note transfers can take some time to complete end-to-end, wallet-to-wallet, so don’t freak out if it takes a while to see your Ethereum deposited inon the receiving wallet.

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