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Get-QADUser | Reference

Get-QADUser   Retrieve all users in a domain or container that match the specified conditions.   Syntax Examples Description Parameters   SYNTAX Get-QADUser [[-Identity] <IdentityParameter>] [-AccountExpiresAfter <DateTime>] [-AccountExpiresBefore <DateTime>][-AccountNeverExpires] [-Activity <string>][-Anr <string>][-AttributeScopeQuery <string>] [-City <string[]>][-Company <string[]>] [-Connection <ArsConnection>] [-ConnectionAccount <string>][-ConnectionPassword <SecureString>] [-Control <hashtable>][-CreatedAfter <DateTime>][-CreatedBefore <DateTime>] [-CreatedOn <DateTime>][-Credential<PSCredential>][-Department <string[]>] [-Description <string[]>][-Disabled] [-DisplayName <string[]>] [-DontConvertValuesToFriendlyRepresentation][-DontUseDefaultIncludedProperties] [-Email <string[]>] …

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Call PowerShell Scripts from VBScript

In another post, we demonstrated how to call PowerShell commands from VBScript. That method makes sense for simple one-line PowerShell commands. But what if we want to call long blocks of PowerShell code from within VBScript? Like an entire PowerShell script. Worry not…it’s just as simple, if not simpler!   Instead of calling the PowerShell code …

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