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DCPromo using Install From Media (IFM)

Posted by ITomation

Initial replication can take a while when promoting a domain controller to an existing domain. This is especially true for domains containing a large number of Active Directory objects. In large-size enterprises we have seen the DCPromo process take upwards of two hours to complete even on fast network links. Not to mention remote/satellite/field sites […]

Transfer FSMO Roles

Posted by ITomation

In this post, we describe how we easily transfer FSMO roles using the graphical user interface. All 5 Active Directory FSMO roles are covered. For more information on FSMO roles see

RMAD Unable to Execute Request 113

A stubborn issue worth sharing has come up a couple of weeks ago. RMAD backups for a particular domain controller were failing as soon as we would enable the DC Storage option. RMAD unable to execute request (113). Error code 113 – event ID 1501.     Error    DC.domainname.local    Unable to execute request (113). […]