Easily Replace vSphere Web Client Certificate

For some reason the vast majority of VMware environments we run into continue to utilize the default untrusted self-signed VMware web client front end certificate. Why? Who knows – maybe because admins are intimidated by the seemingly daunting procedure of replacing the machine SSL certificate. But let’s face it, daunting or not, any HTTPS website …

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Ubuntu Certbot Update

With the upcoming deprecation of TLS-SNI-01, Let’s Encrypt certificate renewals may start breaking for some clients. For more information regarding the TLS-SNI-01 ACME protocol deprecation see Bulletproof TLS Newsletter #37. As per Let’s Encrypt’s recent notification, “It will stop working temporarily on February 13th, 2019, and permanently on March 13th, 2019”. TLS-SNI-01 validation is reaching …

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Get-QADUser | Reference

Get-QADUser   Retrieve all users in a domain or container that match the specified conditions.   Syntax Examples Description Parameters   SYNTAX Get-QADUser [[-Identity] <IdentityParameter>] [-AccountExpiresAfter <DateTime>] [-AccountExpiresBefore <DateTime>][-AccountNeverExpires] [-Activity <string>][-Anr <string>][-AttributeScopeQuery <string>] [-City <string[]>][-Company <string[]>] [-Connection <ArsConnection>] [-ConnectionAccount <string>][-ConnectionPassword <SecureString>] [-Control <hashtable>][-CreatedAfter <DateTime>][-CreatedBefore <DateTime>] [-CreatedOn <DateTime>][-Credential<PSCredential>][-Department <string[]>] [-Description <string[]>][-Disabled] [-DisplayName <string[]>] [-DontConvertValuesToFriendlyRepresentation][-DontUseDefaultIncludedProperties] [-Email <string[]>] …

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