Get Last Patch Date Remotely Using PowerShell

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Sometimes you may need to know a server’s last patch date. There can be many reasons why. One of which is when you are patching servers and want to get a general idea of whether or not the patching actually took place on each server.   In this example we are are going to use […]

Windows Server stuck on Microsoft Corporation Logo

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Quick Workaround   1. Hard reset the computer to reboot it. 2. Select “Launch Startup Repair (Recommended)”. 3. On the System Recovery Options window click Next. 4. Log on as a local administrator account. 5. Select “Command Prompt” to launch the command line interface. 6. Issue the following commands. Please note that the drive letter may […]

RMAD Unable to Execute Request 113

A stubborn issue worth sharing has come up a couple of weeks ago. RMAD backups for a particular domain controller were failing as soon as we would enable the DC Storage option. RMAD unable to execute request (113). Error code 113 – event ID 1501.     Error    DC.domainname.local    Unable to execute request (113). […]

Call PowerShell Commands from VBScript

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In this post, we demonstrate how to call PowerShell commands from VBScript. The method discussed here allows us to pass the output of a PowerShell command back into a VBScript variable.   Why would one ever want to call PowerShell commands from VBScript? A variety of possible reasons we are not concerned with. Let us […]

Run HTA as Different User or Administrator

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When you shift-right-click an HTA file, the expanded context menu does not by default display Run as different user or Run as administrator. There is a workaround for this. It involves registry modification. Once the registry entries are added, you will be able to easly run HTA as different user or administrator. Read on to […]

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